As a New Orleans native, my creative and entrepreneurial passions were destined to burst open. I consider myself to be a well rounded creative with backgrounds in branding, graphic design, video production, video editing, photography, web design, podcasting, and media planning. After leaving my corporate job at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, I relaunched my media agency Dream Forward Media. My other life’s passion is helping special needs parents navigate the journey of special needs parenting. My daughter has a disability called Holoprosencephaly. She is loved beyond measure by my husband, Corwin and I. Tune in to my podcast Same Journey. Different Paths: A Special Needs Parenting Podcast every Wednesday.

It took me years to step into my talents and share them with the world in confidence.
When I work with businesses, I strategize 5 years ahead.
I want to leave a legacy and profitable business behind for my family. I DREAM BIG.