Thanksgiving Weekend Offers

This Thanksgiving weekend through to Cyber Monday. I'm serving up for the first time two exclusive offers to elevate your brand - because let's face it, we are heading into 2024 very soon and you need be ready with clarity!

Brand Audit Session: Think of this as your brand’s health check-up. It’s time to diagnose those hidden issues and let you know the things you are doing right in your brand. There are 9 slots available in December.

Become Your Own Branding Expert | Beta Version: I’m launching an 8 week group coaching program that will teach entrepreneurs how to become the branding experts of their business and how to launch brand awareness campaigns. 💪 If you would like to participate in the Beta version (meaning the test version), I am accepting applications now. The Beta Co-hort will begin in January.

If any of the following challenges are happening to you, don't sleep on these offers.

I don’t know how to communicate my brand. I think I sound super new at this. I just don’t know what to say.


I’m making some money in my business, but I want to take it to the next level. Hustling will only get me so far.


No one is checking for my business at all. I haven’t found my tribe. I know I have a good product/service, the RIGHT people need to know about it.